T-56 Magnum pump upgrade


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T-56 Magnum pump upgrade

This is the OE Tremec Cast Aluminum front cover, not the Bowler Billet Front Cover. This Tremec T56 Magnum internal pump upgrade package comes with the components needed to convert your existing T56 Magnum transmission to operate the same type of pump cooling system used on the factory TR-6060. We perform finish machining on the T56 Magnum front cover to accept the pump components and fitting to attach the output line to your provided cooler and lines.  The return line can be installed into the fill plug port or another access port can be machined and added in the location of your choice on the main body of the transmission.

The T56 Magnum pump upgrade is recommended for anyone using their transmission in road race, auto cross, and extreme performance applications of 500+ HP.  The addition of a fluid cooler to reduce operating temperatures will increase the longevity and lifespan of the transmission’s internal components.  We recommend placing the external cooler you are using in front of the radiator or any location where it can get a directed flow of air.  If you are mounting the cooler under the vehicle, or in an area that doesn’t receive a direct flow of air, the addition of an electric cooling fan is advised.

**Note**  The 2.97 first gear units are not set up to use the pump system.  The cluster gear/counter shaft is not machined for the pump engagement.  If you have a 2.97 first gear transmission you will need to have the cluster gear/ counter shaft machined to work with the pump. The T56 Magnum internal pump upgrade requires the disassembly of the transmission to install.  If you are not comfortable in your abilities to remove and replace the front cover of the transmission please contact us for a quote to have the upgrade performed at our facility.  We can also help find a shop near you to perform the install.  We do not assume any liability for any damages resulting from the improper installation of this pump system when performed outside of our facility.  The front cover you receive will be brand new with no mileage. In most cases it will be a service replacement cover, but in some instances we reserve the right to use a brand new cover that was removed from an already built transmission.  These covers may show indication of having been installed and then removed.

Highly recommend knowledgeable transmission installer if buying this product. 


Prop 65 Warning Label

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