Bowler - Tremec T-56 Magnum & TKO Mechanical Speedometer Adapter

MD-506-1031, MD-506-1029, MD-506-1028-XX

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Bowler - Tremec T-56 Magnum & TKO Mechanical Speedometer Adapter
Tremec T-56 Magnum and TKO transmissions use a Ford speedometer drive and require this adapter or a custom speedometer cable. This package is the easiest and most economical solution to connect to your existing GM 7/8" threaded cable to the transmission. When ordering, we will need you to list your tire size (ex: 295/45-15 or overall height), as well as your rear end ratio so we can get you the proper driven gear. Bowler Performance Transmission is a Tremec Elite and Legend Direct Distributor, be sure and check us out for all your transmission needs. Works With
  • Tremec Magnum
  • Tremec TKO
  • Tremec T-5
  • Legend Gear and Transmission's LGT-700
Available In The Following Tooth Counts
  • 16T Gear - Purple
  • 17T Gear - White
  • 18T Gear - Yellow
  • 19T Gear - Pink
  • 20T Gear - Black
  • 21T Gear - Red
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