Bowler 200-4R Lock-up Control Module


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Bowler 200-4R Lock-up Control Module

Bowler Performance 200-4R Lock-up Control Module.  Seamlessly control your torque converter lock up with this easy to install kit.  Converter  Lock-up will occur 8-10 seconds after 4th gear engagement, allowing enough engine RPM gain before lock-up. This gives your engine more performance and provides a better feel to lock-up.  The lock-up module only requires one 2 amp fused 12 volt wire to operate. No vacuum switch is necessary allowing this lock up module to function correctly with all types of engines. There are no bulky boxes to hide or mount. The control module has the GM 4 prong connector integrated onto the control board, and is epoxy coated to stay protected against the elements. Our kit is complete with everything you need.

 Kit includes:

  • Lock-up Control Module
  • New Internal Wiring Harness w/Lock-up Solenoid and mounting studs
  • Pressure Switch
  • Pan Gasket
  • New Transmission Filter
  • Brake light switch*
  • Case pass through connector

* We have now started including a brake switch in our lock-up module kits as requested by many customers. This is a standard brake light switch that has a normally closed switch (for your lock-up module) and a normally open switch (for your brake lights). The brake switch does not have to be installed for the lock-up module to function, however we have had several compliments on how the system is improved with the use of the brake switch. The brake switch will allow the driver to tap the brake to un-lock the converter at any time. If you are going up an incline and need a few more RPMs to get up that hill, just tap the brake, and the lock-up will turn off and not re-engage for approximately 8 seconds. For those with a high gear ratio and late down shifts who experience a chug of the motor due to the lock-up converter still being engaged; the switch will eliminate this concern.


200-4R Lock-Up Installation Instructions Prop 65 Warning Label

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