Tilton Adjustable Hydraulic Throw-Out Bearing Ford T-5 & T-56 Magnum


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Tilton Adjustable Hydraulic Throw-Out Bearing Ford T-5 & T-56 Magnum
Tilton adjustable hydraulic throw-out bearing for Ford T-5 & T-56 Magnum transmissions. Features
  • Billet aluminum body and piston precision machined at Tilton
  • Stainless steel threaded sleeve offers nearly 1.25" of adjust-ability
  • High temperature mono seal design features a quad tensioner to ensure proper seal tension and the highest reliability
  • Constant contact design self adjusts for clutch wear and maintains the same pedal feel throughout the clutch's life
  • Newly designed swivel fittings have been thoroughly tested to insure against leakage
  • High-quality flat face bearing with 1.71" - 3.03" contact diameter fits most 8.5" - 11" bent-finger and lever-type clutches
  • Hydraulic release bearing, stainless steel adjustment sleeve, steel bolt on guide tube, steel braided supply and bleed lines, anti-rotation bolt and high-strength transmission bearing retainer bolt.
  • Ford
  • Tremec T-56 Magnum
  • Tremec T-5
  • 8.5" - 11.0" bent-finger and lever-type clutch (most)
  • Recommend using 3/4" bore master cylinder with 1.4 " stroke.
Prop 65 Warning Label

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