Phantom Products Touch-n-Go Start System w/Security


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Phantom Products Touch-n-Go Start System w/Security
This system will replace your old keyed ignition with an easy-to-use touch button. It simulates five positions of keyed ignition: Off, Accessory, On, Crank, and Run. First Push Simulates accessory position turning on only components such as your radio to conserve energy and save sensitive components such as heated 02 sensors and engine computers (which may suffer from being turned on unnecessarily). Second Push Simulates on position, which is typically connected to power windows, engine computer, gauges etc. Third Push Simulates off position.
  • A push on the brake and momentary press on the switch engages the starter. Starter is automatically disengaged once “Touch-N-Go” senses the engine running, a convenience found in many modern luxury vehicles.
  • 3 quick pushes at any time returns the ignition to an off state. It’s just that easy!
  • Interactive built-in LED display allows for visual conformation of simulated key position. A theft deterrent pulsing red light when vehicle is off is included.
Will accept input from any momentary switch, including popular OEM ignition switches.  We can also modify any other switch you may be considering for your vehicle to work with “Touch-N-Go.”(extra charges may apply)  Tach-less input allows for easy installation with any type engine. Built-in circuitry monitors state of engine to determine when it is running. Optional security enabled input allows the "Touch-N-Go" to interface with other brands of security devices, allowing only authorized users access to your vehicle’s ignition. Available retained accessory option keeps accessories live for ten minutes after ignition is turned off, or until door is opened.

Touch-N-Go Start System Instructions

Prop 65 Warning Label

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