Bowler Performance TKX NightStick 2" Offset Shifter for '64-'67 Chevelle


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Bowler Performance TKX NightStick  2" Offset Shifter for '64-'67 Chevelle

The NightStick offset shifter for the Tremec TKX is perfect for applications that require a specific shifter placement. This unit comes equipped with a 2" side offset. Ideal for factory console use in '64-'67 CHEVELLE / GTO/ '62-'74 CHEVY II / NOVA , IMPALA, but can also be used for many other custom applications.
The Night Stick shifter is sent out with a predetermined shift lever location set. If you should need or want the shifter in a different location you can easily adjust the settings.
The upright for the shift lever is held on with a nut and interference fit similar to that of a ball joint. This piece can be rotated 360* and can be locked back down in any position. The holes that attach the shift lever are threaded all the way through so you can mount your shift lever from either side. We always recommend using locking nuts, washers, or thread locker for the shift lever attachment bolts to prevent them from coming loose.
The offset base bracket also has an octagonal pattern machined into the attachment point to allow full 360* rotation as well. Simply unbolt and rotate to whichever position is best for your application. Additionally, 1" or 1" x 1/2" side offset adapters are available for other custom applications.
The TKX NightStick design is on a new Bowler black anodized base plate that has a lower profile for better fitment.  We pre-assemble and ship you a completely new base plate and stub.  When purchased with a transmission, we will install before shipping.

Prop 65 Warning Label

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