Energy Suspension Ford early model transmission mount


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Energy Suspension Ford early model transmission mount

Energy Suspension Ford early model transmission mount.  Works with many different styles of crossmembers and Ford transmissions.  Perfect for use with the Tremec TKX, TKO500/600 and T56 Magnum.  Ideal for use with early Mustang installations using a Tremec conversion package.

Polyurethane Transmission Mount
  • A true performance application component for cars, trucks, hot rods and racing/competition vehicles, yet designed to be also used for street vehicles! Assemble to the chassis the same way as OEM parts.
  • Soft-running enough to absorb vibrations for street use yet rugged for racing use.
  • Helps control torque on high performance vehicles.
  • Maintains proper drive shaft angle to help prevent early wear and unexpected power train damage!
  • Replaces the original, short lived and typically too-soft rubber mounts and outdates those hard-running metal transmission mounts.
  • Made of HYPERFLEX performance polyurethane.
  • Resistant to under vehicle fluids such as: oils, coolants, road contaminants, etc.
Prop 65 Warning Label

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